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Image by Marc James

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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


About me

It was my enthusiasm in capturing life's precious moments, which became a stepping stone that set me on a completely different path and ultimately, a change of profession. I started working in healthcare, but it was after I picked up a DSLR just for fun, with no clue back then how to use it that started my immense love of photography.


Image by Marc James was born as a byproduct of my unbridled passion and unwavering pursuit for the best photos possible. It opened my eyes and made me look at life in a different way by shooting special events in your life that you can look back and cherish. It is my goal that each photo I take, tell the story that is uniquely yours. I want you to relive those feelings you had at that specific moment, capturing the laughter, the warm embrace you share with your loved ones, the sunlight bouncing off your hair. I highlight those emotional connections and freeze time through the pictures, that is what I live for. For me, photography is more than just's a story about you.



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Las Vegas Nevada 

Cell # 7025804452


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